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Jessica Bruno, Functional Nutritionist

Jessica is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist with her Master’s in Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition and licensed as a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She has been in the field of Integrative and Functional medicine for the past 7 years, working alongside practitioners that specialize in chronic disease states, such as; gut health, metabolic disorders, autoimmune, food sensitivities, mold toxicity, and more.

As someone who struggled with her own chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmunity, she gained a passion to help others discover the world of nutrition and lifestyle and how if we look at a whole person and treat from the root cause, not just the symptom, it is possible to heal and gain your life back. She implements attainable and sustainable goals that are individualized to each person, taking into account the bio-individuality of everyone she works with.

When Jessica is not busy being a nutritionist, she is a wife to her high school sweetheart, and mom to two beautiful children, Oliver who is 5 years old, and Gianna who is 6 months old. She enjoys being outdoors, whether it is at the beach, walking to a local cafe, laying by the pool, hiking, exercising, or walking their golden retriever, Bodhi.

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