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Your initial appointment begins with a comprehensive physical exam. This exam includes laboratory tests, Advanced Cardiovascular screening, EKGs, Ankle Brachial Index, Carotid Ultrasound, Echocardiogram, Neurocognitive Testing, Urinalysis and more. 

Upon receiving the results of your physical exam, we will schedule a consultation with you to review the findings in detail and develop a customized care plan to optimize your overall health and wellbeing.

Covered by Most Insurances Including Medicare!

Components of Our Comprehensive Physical

Blood Work

Conventional blood testing could be used, but interpreted with a functional perspective as the laboratory ranges might not fully show the dysfunction or imbalance corresponding to the symptoms.

Cardiovascular Screening

Advanced Cardiovascular screening can offer a more complete picture of your health than just a regular lipid panel. It includes the lipoprotein subfractions to look at the LDL and HDL particle number and size.

Ankle Brachial Index

Ankle Brachial Index, also known as ABI, is a quick way to check for peripheral artery disease, which might be the cause of leg cramping or pain with exertion.

Carotid Ultrasound

Carotid Ultrasound is a safe procedure that uses sound waves to visualize blood flow through the carotid arteries in the sides of the neck. These arteries deliver blood from the heart to the brain.


Electrocardiogram, also known as EKG or ECG, measures electrical signals of the heartbeat. Sensors or electrodes can quickly monitor heart rhythm as the timing and strength of signals travel through your heart.


A limited echocardiogram measures heart function and the heart wall thickness to rule in or out different types of heart diseases. Your doctor might recommend an echocardiogram to screen for heart abnormalities.

Covered by Most Insurances Including Medicare!

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